Introductory Flight
Approximately 10 minutes in cockpit
Ages 12 and above, tailored to experience
Get a taste of what it feels like to fly a commercial airliner!
Your Introductory Flight includes:
A quick introduction to the cockpit
Take the controls as you soar the skies
If you are curious about what realistic flight simulation is like, this is the package for you.
Thrill Flight
Approximately 30 minutes in cockpit
Ages 12 and above, tailored to experience
Get the thrill of landing a commmercial airliner!
Your Thrill Flight includes:
Fly from Dayton to Columbus
A brief introduction to the cockpit controls
Take the controls as you soar the skies
Learn the basics of the auto-pilot system
See if you have what it takes to land an airliner
If you are seeking excitement and want to test your skills at landing an airliner, this is your package. Can you get your passengers on the ground safely?
Adventure Flight
Approximately 50 minutes in cockpit
Ages 12 and above, tailored to experience
Experience the EXTREME aviation adventure customized to focus on the areas of flight that most interest you!
Options for your CUSTOMIZABLE Adventure Flight:
Choose your own origin and destination airports
See beautiful scenery from the sky anywhere around the world
Get a more extensive overview of the cockpit
Feel the power as you start up the engines
Make some flight maneuvers to get the feel of a powerful jet airplane
A more in-depth use of the auto-pilot system
Make multiple landings at one or more airports
Fly in challenging weather conditions or try to make a night-time landing
This is our most popular flight package! You will love the Adventure Flight because you get to choose where and when you soar the skies. Fly in the daytime or at night, view beautiful scenery, and test yourself in different weather conditions. Take control of your adventure to make it the perfect flight experience!
Ultimate Flight
Approximately 110 minutes in cockpit
Recommended for aviation enthusiasts or experienced pilots
GET IT ALL and be ready for the Ultimate Flight Experience! You are the captain from engine start-up to engine shut-down.
Options for your CUSTOMIZABLE Ultimate Flight:
Pre-flight planning – fuel, flight plan, and weather
Bring the cold and dark cockpit to life
Program the Flight Management Computer
Engine start-up
Climb using Standard Instrument Departure to cruising altitude and level off
Fly at cruising altitude
Descend and fly the Standard Terminal Arrival Route
Fly the approach
Attempt to give your passengers a smooth landing
Do a complete aircraft shut-down
Discover what it feels like to be a captain by experiencing authentic flight situations. If you want to better understand the challenges and procedures a real commercial pilot experiences, this flight is for you! Get ready for an unforgettable flight adventure!